35 of the Best Nautical Fonts for Seaworthy Designs

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Ahoy! Are you working on a project that’s inspired by the sea? Then you’re going to need one of these nautical fonts to complete your design. Deep-sea display fonts, salty serifs, sans-serifs, handwritten fonts & sailor-style tattoo typefaces, or sea-inspired scripts — they’re all on board this roundup of the best nautical fonts.

These fonts are all quite different from one another but they have one thing in common. They all evoke that maritime, coastal, ocean vibe. No landlubbers here! 

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The Best Nautical Fonts

It’ll be smooth sailing when you see our picks for the best premium nautical fonts. We’ll show you exactly where to download them, what’s included in each font package, and offer up some suggestions on where to use them. 

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Wave Nautical Font

If your design has a vintage Sailor Jerry feel, it probably needs a tattoo-inspired, hand-drawn font to complete the look. Use it on invitations, flyers, advertising, and more. Includes all caps with solid and cut-out characters, numbers, punctuation, multi-language support, and web font files.

Wave - Nautical FontWave - Nautical Font


Now here’s a typeface that’s sure to make waves! Distressed texture, vintage styling, and lots of alternates give you design options galore. Use it on vintage ads, apparel, signage, fashion labels, and restaurant branding. LightHouse includes 4 weights from thin to bold, all caps letters, alternative characters, numbers, punctuation, and multilingual support. Web font available.

Light House Nautical FontsLight House Nautical Fonts


You can’t get the deep sea without ocean waves! Use this fun, beachy font on magazine covers, posters, greeting cards, editorial designs, and postcards. Ocean comes with upper- and lowercase Latin characters, numbers, punctuation, and a web font.


Sailor Stripes

Sailor stripes managed to find the perfect combination of adorable and deep-sea and put them together into a typeface! Use it for branding, home decor, t-shirt design, and accent your project with the bonus illustrations. Comes with uppercase, lowercase, numbers, punctuation, western European support, a bonus of 26 sea-inspired, quirky line illustrations, and 26 full-color illustrations.

Sailor StripesSailor Stripes

Sailor Girl Font Duo

Sailor Girl is a bit like a modern, slick remake of the old hand-drawn tattoo lettering. It’s got that seafaring feel but it’s not as rough around the edges. Well-suited for posters, logotypes, packaging, and more. The font duo includes regular and filled versions and web fonts. These fonts pair beautifully with a brush script.

Sailor GirlSailor Girl

Nautical Fonts

Here’s a vintage display font that’s meant for your marine-inspired headlines, logos, and labels. Tons of options here for making it uniquely yours. Includes five fonts with special effects and textures — base, shadow fx, texture fx, texture shadow, texture shadow fx, and aged. All caps letters only. Web font available.

Nautical FontNautical Font

Old Harbour Font Collection

You’ll need to leave a wide berth for the Old Harbor Collection — she’s got twelve different hand-drawn fonts on board! They’re all inspired by old hand-lettered signage and vintage liquor bottles. Mix and match them to create a coastal design no one will be salty about. All 12 fonts come with upper and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and multilingual support. 

Old Harbour Nautical FontOld Harbour Nautical Font


Argh! This one be givin’ me serious pirate vibes, matey! Use it in your design and you definitely won’t have to walk the plank. Historia includes two nautical font styles — regular and vintage, a distressed version. It comes with uppers, lowers, alternate characters, ligatures, subscript & superscript, and multilingual support. Bonus maritime vector art included. Web font available.


Seaworthy Typeface and Nautical Pack

Stop scrolling if you’re in need of a cute and catchy scrolly, seafaring font that also comes with tons of vectors for invitations, flyers, logos, packaging, menus, and more. Comes complete with uppercase alphabet, numbers, punctuation, 52 extra glyphs, a vector texture file, and over 80 original hand-drawn sea-themed vectors.



Like its name implies, Navigator inspires feelings of early sea exploration and discovery. The family includes three nautical font styles — regular, hand, and rough — in weights from thin to bold. So mix it up on a wide range of designs, like posters, custom logos, travel ads, editorial layouts, packages, and anywhere you need a vintage vibe. Comes with all caps letters, alternates, numbers, punctuation, and multilingual support.


El Piratos

You can sail the seven seas in search of a pirate-inspired tattoo-style font, or you can stop scrolling and behold this treasure! Perfectly suited for invitations, cards, posters, magazine layouts, designs for children and kids of any age. This all-caps typeface comes in three weights — regular, bold, and black. Web font available. 

El PiratosEl Piratos

Ocean Display Font

This display typeface is well suited for any project that calls for a large, ornamental, vintage style header. Unique wavy styling gives it a look that’s perfect for your nautical design. Comes in four nautical font styles — regular, inline, and grunge versions of both. It includes uppercase letters, numbers, and punctuation.

Ocean Nautical TypefaceOcean Nautical Typeface


When you see how perfectly suited Sailors sans serif typeface is for your maritime design, you just might curse like a sailor — out of excitement, of course. Clean & clear and extremely legible at any size means it’ll be smooth sailing. Great for a wide variety of projects — vintage designs, labels, branding, editorials, magazine covers, anything really. Includes uppercase letters, punctuation, and foreign language support.


Nautica Sottile

This elegant calligraphy script typeface is based on the letters that 18th-century sailors would send to their loved ones while they were away at sea. It loops and rolls just like the waves of the ocean. Use it on your package design, elegant branding, travel brochures, wedding invitations, date cards, and logotype. It comes complete with upper and lowercase letters, numbers, symbols, ligatures, swashes, and extensive language support. Web font available.

Nautica SottileNautica Sottile

Oceanwaves Typeface

Hopefully, you’ve got your sea legs by now. If not, you’re in for a wild ride with this one. This bouncy, playful script will help bring an element of fun to your design. There’s never a dull moment when Oceanwaves is at the party! Perfect for quotes, headlines, social media graphics, album covers, and more. The package comes with uppers, lowers, alternates, ligatures, numbers, and web font.


Captain Nelson

Batten down the hatches! We’ve got another seafaring font family that can handle any design challenge you steer in their direction. The Captain Nelson font family includes 10 styles — 6 serifs and 4 scripts — for you to mix and match. You’ll find clean, rough, printed, lined, vintage, and modern styles that will work practically anywhere. Comes with uppers, lowers, numbers, fractions, punctuation, alternates, ligatures, swashes, and multilingual support. Web fonts are available.

Captain NelsonCaptain Nelson

Sailor’s Diary Typeface

From Sailor Jerry to Popeye, seafaring and tattoos go hand in hand, so it’s no surprise that a tattoo-inspired font made this roundup. Use this one for headlines or large bodies of text. It looks great at any size. Plus, it comes with so many alternate letters you can truly give your design that handwritten look. Includes all caps letters, alternates, numbers, punctuation, multilingual support, and bonus tattoo-style vector graphics.

Sailors Diary TypefaceSailors Diary Typeface

Bad Sailor Typeface

Here’s another hand-drawn old-school tattoo font with a simple, legible vintage feel. It’s perfect for retro designs, t-shirts, posters, window graphics, flyers, apparel hang tags, book projects, and more. You could even use it to design your own tattoo. Bad Sailor includes the uppercase alphabet, special characters, alternates, numbers, and bonus tattoo-inspired vector graphics.

Bad Sailor Nautical FontBad Sailor Nautical Font


What list of the best nautical fonts wouldn’t be complete without a typeface that resembles fishing hooks? Yes, that was the inspiration for Boatswain, but it wasn’t done in a cheesy, obvious way. This sans-serif will make waves on logos, packaging, branding, websites, magazine covers, and more. The all caps font family comes in 6 weights from light to bold italic. Bonus nautical vector elements included. Web font available.


Navy Queen Display Font

This geometric sans-serif pays homage to simpler times. Great for book covers, headlines, magazine layouts, branding, and any nautical theme project with a vintage feel. Navy Queen includes one clean style and two varying styles of distressing. Comes with uppercase letters, numbers, punctuation, bonus swashes, and multilanguage support.

Navy QueenNavy Queen

Sea Horse Typeface

If you’re looking for a swashbuckling-style decorative font then look no further! Vintage, ornate, and old-school, it’s well-suited for beautiful typography designs, vintage packaging, signage, labels, and more. This font looks best when shown at a large display size. Anchors away!

Sea HorseSea Horse

U.S. Navy Script

In the Navy, they say, “the only easy day was yesterday!” Maybe today will be easy for you when you’ve got this amazing vintage script to work with. Use it for editorials, page layouts, flyers, blog posts, social media designs, and more. U.S. Navy Script comes complete with uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, alternates, swashes, bonus Weapon font, and bonus vector elements.

U.S. Navy ScriptU.S. Navy Script

The Shoreman’s Typeface

This vintage typeface is brimming with personality. That means it’ll be smooth sailing for whatever project you use it with. Packaging, branding, liquor & beer labels, page layouts, and more. Includes 5 variations in 3 weights, upper case letters, small caps, tons of alternate letters, numbers, punctuation, language support, and a web font.

Shoreman's TypefaceShoreman's Typeface


Check out this cool, clever handmade font that’s all about the sea! Perfect for apparel, posters, invitation cards, quotes, and coastal signage. The family includes three nautical font styles — stripes, empty, and black. Comes with uppercase alphabet, numbers, punctuation, foreign language support, and sea-related dingbats including anchors, frames, diamonds, and nautical rope.


Mermaid Font Duo

Make a splash when you use these fonts on your mermaid-inspired designs! This duo comes with Mermaid Font, a bold sans-serif adorned with seashells, anchors, mermaid tails, and other cute designs. It’s paired with Mermaid Scales, the same bold font filled with a scale pattern. Great for crafting, kids designs, and ocean-related artwork. All caps letters and numbers included.

Mermaid Font DuoMermaid Font Duo


You’ll definitely make waves when you use Galley, a chunky, wavy, hand-drawn serif for your nautical design. Inspired by the sea and looks great at any size — so use it for a wide range of projects, from page layouts and magazine covers to posters, logos, and more. Includes upper- and lowercase characters, numbers, punctuation, and bonus seaworthy design illustrations.

Galley Nautical FontGalley Nautical Font

Dark Seas

Dark Seas captures the rustic charm of an old shipyard. You get five different fonts with this family — regular, heavy, hand, sans, and bold sans. But they pair beautifully together for unity in your maritime designs. Combine them for invitations, letterhead, packaging design, menus, and much more. Comes with upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, and looks amazing at any size. 

Dark SeasDark Seas

Pirate’s Rum

Shiver me timbers! This here’s the pirate font ye been lookin’ for! If you’re looking for a typeface that’ll reach out and grab ’em by the barnacles, you just found it. Use Pirate’s Rum on a shirt design, party invites, flyers, seafood menus, and liquor labels. This vintage typeface includes four styles — base, inner, shadow, and rough. Plus, it comes complete with uppers, lowers, numbers, punctuation, foreign language support, and a web font.

Pirates RumPirates Rum

Captain Shipwreck

This font is not the shiny superyacht. It’s the rusty and crusty ship, weathered and worn with lots of stories to tell. Aged, rugged, wise, hard-working, rebellious, and bold. It’s well-suited for bars and pubs, alcohol products, signage, fashion branding. Includes uppercase, lowercase, numbers, basic punctuation, multilingual support. Includes Shipwreck font and a bonus clean version of the font called Captain Regular. Web font is available.

Captain ShipwreckCaptain Shipwreck

Nautical Typeface

Take modern, stencil, nautical, and vintage styles and mix them all up. No, it didn’t make you sea sick — it gave you Nautical Typeface, and it’s smooth sailing from here! Now try this font on banners, web headers, editorials, t-shirts, or signage. Includes all caps letters, numbers, web font, and bonus ship illustration.

Nautical FontNautical Font

Free Nautical Fonts

There are thousands of free nautical fonts on the web. It can be overwhelming trying to weed out the good ones. Well, you can abandon ship — we’ve done the hard work for you and listed them here! Remember to review the license if you’re working on a commercial project, as some of them are only free for personal use.

Seaweed Script

This swirly, sea-inspired script will work well on invitation cards, social media graphics, posters, kids’ stuff, and other ocean-inspired designs.

Seaweed ScriptSeaweed Script

Sailor’s Fat Tattoo Script Font

Here’s another great nautical tattoo lettering font for websites, posters, album covers,  banners, and so much more. This one is loaded with extra glyphs.

Sailor's Fat Tattoo Script FontSailor's Fat Tattoo Script Font


An all caps display serif with a cool dot element. Nautica works well at large sizes so use it for a variety of projects like headlines, branding, logotype, packaging, etc.



Anchors away! Boeticher is sailor-inspired, so work it into your nautical designs! Perfect choice for logos, packaging, signs, and more.


Hello Sailor

This Ed Hardy-inspired sailor tattoo font is well suited for flyers, business cards, web design, packaging, and social media.

Hello SailorHello Sailor

Final Thoughts on the Best Nautical Fonts

Nautical designs embody a certain style — with the use of sea-inspired colors, ocean icons and illustrations, and aquatic textures. And, no deep-sea design would be complete without the perfect nautical font to bring it into ship shape. There’s no doubt you’ll find exactly what you need in this roundup of the best nautical fonts. Bon voyage!


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