35+ of the Best Tall Fonts to Raise the Level of Your Designs

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Sometimes it can be a struggle to find the perfect font. There are thousands, if not millions of typefaces to choose from — each with its own unique qualities. Thick display style fonts, delicate feminine fonts, classic serif style fonts, the list goes on and on. But today, we’re here to talk about towering, sleek, long-legged, tall fonts that are guaranteed to raise your designs to the next level.

You can stop searching for that perfect tall typeface. We’ve done the dirty work for you! We searched and scoured to bring you this roundup of over 35 of the best tall fonts on the web. Tall fonts, otherwise known as narrow or condensed fonts, are well-suited for headlines, titles, and logotypes. They usually pair well with scripts and short, chunky fonts.

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The Best Tall Fonts

While there are thousands of fantastic options out there, here are our favorite premium tall fonts. We’ll tell you what’s included with each font package and where to download them so you can start using your typeface right away. 

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Glorynight Tall Version

Glorynight is a sturdy typeface with no curved edges in sight.  Perfect for headlines, sports advertising, branding, packaging, logos, book covers, and website headers. Includes a regular, and italic version with uppercase and lowercase characters, punctuation, numbers, and multilanguage support with extra line height. 


Las Valles Ultra Condensed Typeface

LasValles is truly cool. It’s modern and memorable but with a vintage vibe. Kind of like a new car with retro style but packed with all the amenities you love (like air conditioning — technology, ftw). Awesome for travel, fashion, advertising, magazine layouts, labels. This all-caps typeface is packed with latin-based characters, numbers, and punctuation, tons of ligatures & alternate characters, four font style versions, and a web font.

Las VallesLas Valles


Rarely do you find a tall, condensed font that looks good at any size. So, when you come across one, attention must be paid! Havanna is one of those rare typefaces that works well in a headline or a paragraph. Comes complete with three font weight settings from thin to bold, uppers and lowers, numbers, punctuation, multilingual support, and a web font.

Tall Fonts HavannaTall Fonts Havanna

Robinson Regular

If you’re designing a newspaper or magazine header, stop scrolling. Robinson was made for you! It was inspired by classic style newspaper titles and made with magazines and posters in mind. Includes uppercase, numbers, and punctuation. Web font available.

Robinson RegularRobinson Regular


Sucre is so tall, it would play in the NBA if it weren’t so busy working in your headlines! The artist says it’s inspired by mid-century modern print design and pairs well with Milan and Caslon. Try it! This stunning typeface includes uppercase characters, numbers, punctuation, and foreign language support. 


Travel Sans

Travel is perfectly named because you can’t look at it without getting vintage travel poster vibes. The towering all-caps letters are so high, you may need a Sherpa and an oxygen tank to get to the top. Web fonts included.


The Hustle

This typeface has a modern industrial feel. It’s well suited for sports branding, food advertising, quotes, travel marketing, and more. Comes with uppers and lowers with some extra tall characters and bonus underlined special characters that you can mix and match to create your own unique design. Plus numbers, punctuation, multilingual support, and a web font.

Tall Fonts - The HustleTall Fonts - The Hustle

Gabe Sans

This isn’t just your distant cousin who can reach things off the high shelf. Gabe Sans is an entire tall family! Consisting of eight variations including regular, rounded, rough, soft, and italics of each of those. Gabe is extremely legible at any size so use it everywhere! Includes uppercase, lowercase, numbers, punctuation, and multilingual support. Web font available. 

Gabe SansGabe Sans

Tall Jules

If your tall design calls for a stylish serif inspired by art deco, then look no further! This one looks great on business cards, classic fashion illustrations, and covers of magazines. Pairs really well with a cursive typeface. This stunning typeface comes with all caps latin-based characters, special characters, ligatures, numbers, punctuation, and foreign language support. Web font available.

Tall JulesTall Jules


Ogre is a true tall, skinny, condensed font. The sky-scraping letters, with their narrow kerning, are best suited for large-sized graphics, website headers, and wherever a towering title is needed. Includes two styles; regular and inline, upper- and lowercase characters, numbers, and punctuation.



Vertikal has some unique styling that will make it a favorite in your font catalog. This tall, condensed all caps serif comes with 3 styles — regular, outline, and script. Mix and match them to keep your design fresh. Perfect for quotes, home decor, headlines, window art, posters, and editorial design. The complete package comes with uppercase letters, numbers, punctuation. Web font available. 

Vertikal - 3 tall fontsVertikal - 3 tall fonts


This one isn’t just tall, it’s also a little bit metal, gothic, and full of thumb-stopping style. Great for album covers, logos, video game art, posters, comics, and more. Seraph comes with all caps letters, numbers, punctuation, multilingual support. Web font available.

Seraph Tall Font FamilySeraph Tall Font Family


TallEagle is one big bird! This towering typeface soars above the rest. It is an impressive single weight display font with preset kerning — a really nice feature. Best at display sizes, but works at smaller size, too. Includes uppercase characters, numbers, punctuation, foreign language support. Web font available.

Tall EagleTall Eagle


I know this one made you look! Merchant’s catchy alternate glyphs give you crazy control and customization. Comes jam-packed with 8 variations including regular, round, italics, and bold weights, all caps, over 500 alternates, numbers, punctuation, and multilingual support. Web font available.



Zephyr will fit the bill if you’re creating flyers, banners, web headers, posters, or anything that calls for a modern, sky-high font. This readable design includes regular, 3D, grunge, and rough styles. I personally love the distressed version. Comes with all caps, numbers, and minimal punctuation.



If you need your stately font to give you all the feels of a bygone era, look no further than Brigmore. With its art deco styling, it will be perfect for your logo design, beauty packaging, architecture marketing, posters, and more. In three weight settings from thin to bold and comes with uppercase letters, alternates, numbers, and punctuation. 



It’s a battle of the art deco fonts! Here’s another soaring and stately contender from Envato Elements. Minerva features the strong geometric design you love about deco and is packaged with regular weight and bold weight. This condensed design comes in all caps, alternative characters, numbers, punctuation, multilingual support, and 2 bonus rose gold textures. Web font is available.



Prepare to be aMAZEd by Jagatraya. Its tall, tech-y, high reaching letters look more like art than letters. This amazing typeface is perfect for logos and larger sizes for headlines, especially in technology or music. Capital letters, numbers, and punctuation are included along with a web font. 



Flamingo, like its namesake, is a long-legged, graceful, stylish typeface with a tropical vibe. It would be well suited for a book cover, music album, logotype, poster, or editorial layout. This stunning typeface includes uppers, lowers, numbers, punctuation, foreign language support, and a web font.


Tall Fall

Here’s that lanky handwritten serif font you’ve been looking everywhere for! Tall Fall looks great at larger sizes and as body copy so use it for menus, blog headers, home decor, geometric design, banners, posters, and more. Includes upper and lowercase characters, numbers, symbols, multilingual support with extra line height, and web fonts. 

Tall FallTall Fall


This one is basically the ’90s supermodel of fonts…impossibly tall, slender, and gorgeous. Well suited for beautiful designs, fashion blogs, magazine covers, and logos. Vera comes in three styles — regular, rough, and oblique and includes uppercase letters, alternate characters, numbers, and punctuation. Web font available.

Tall Fonts - VeraTall Fonts - Vera


Do you know art nouveau? Grodna is inspired by the art nouveau and deco posters and signs from Europe in the early 1900’s, with a modern twist. Use it for your own signage, design brands, logos, or any project that calls for a bold, vintage-inspired design or geometric design. Includes uppercase letter, numbers, alternate characters.



Parkia is a great choice for whatever creative project you’re working on. This modern, monumental sans-serif will stand out at any size. Use it for cards, ads, headlines, body copy, wherever you need it. Comes with several extra weights from skinny letters to bold, uppercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and foreign language support.



Lash is lumbering, large, and in-charge! Talk about a scroll-stopper. Perfectly suited for as a logo font, for labels, website headers, covers of magazines, headlines, packaging, and wherever you need big, bold typography. Lash comes in rough and regular styles with all caps letters, numbers, symbols, and multilingual support. Web font available.



Here’s a modern, ultra-condensed, tall sans-serif with extra ligatures for loads of variation with your creative design. Try it with sports headlines, business card designs, packaging, album covers, and more. Talking comes with uppers, lowers, numbers, punctuation, ligatures, multilingual support, and web font.


Lion & Hare

Lion & Hare is a compressed, modern, industrial-style font that screams power and strength. Perfect for page layouts, headlines, editorial design, posters, and album covers. This readable design includes six styles from skinny letters to bold, upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, multilingual support, plus two bonus fonts.

Lion & HareLion & Hare


The exaggerated ascenders and shortened descenders of this squared-off, rounded-edge, condensed-style serif make it a stand out choice for your eye-catching social media posts, blog headers, posters, logos, and t-shirt designs. Tallios comes with uppercase, lowercase, numbers, punctuation, and web font.


Brigadier Sans

Modern, tall, elegant, stately…It may sound like I’m describing a new high rise building, but it’s actually the perfect condensed sans serif font for your tall design needs. A standout on editorial layouts, web headers, posters, and anything that calls for clean lines. Package includes uppers, lowers, numbers, punctuation, and web fonts.

Brigadier Sans Tall FontBrigadier Sans Tall Font


This font is so tall, it’s getting tired of people constantly asking it “how’s the weather up there?” Use it at larger sizes for best readability, on headlines, posters, magazine page layouts, logos, and more. This stunning typeface comes with uppercase and lowercase characters and more.



Pilonyc looks great at any size, so use it anywhere you need it — business cards, invitations, branding, packaging, website headers, flyers, labels, and more. This sans-serif will pair really well with one of the script fonts from our list of the best feminine fonts for a complete look. Includes uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and punctuation.

Pilonyc - Tall FontsPilonyc - Tall Fonts


Here’s another vintage-style, distinctive typeface with clear art deco inspiration. It’ll be perfect for your private eye business cards, flapper fashion labels, speakeasy ads, and Great Gatsby party invitations. Oh, and use it for modern stuff, too, because it’s truly a cool font! Fontaine comes in three styles (regular, extrude, and rough) with uppercase characters, alternate characters, numbers, and some punctuation. Web font available.


Free Tall Fonts

While we love premium fonts, there are a ton of amazing free fall fonts on the web, too, and we’d be amiss not to include some of them on this list! Just a quick note — if you’re a design professional, be sure to check the license before you use a free font on any commercial projects, as many free fonts are only free for personal use.

Cafe Francoise

Bonjour! Simple, charming, and whatever the French word for “tall” is… that’s how I’d describe Cafe Francoise. Great for bakery menus, posters, and coffee shops.

Cafe FrancoiseCafe Francoise


This retro style, elegant, italic style serif will bring you back to the good ol’ days. Use it for 1960s/70s-inspired style designs, magazine covers, and much more.


Deutschlander Regular

When you’re short on space, you need a tall font like this one. Use it movie posters, headlines, advertising, newspapers, and web headers and other simple design.



This condensed thick-thin sans-serif comes in two styles — light and bold. Mix and match them to suit your needs. This font’s high-contrast design makes it perfect for headlines.



This font is related to Deutschlander above, but it’s even taller! Now you can squeeze even more text into your tiny spaces. 


SF Movie Poster

If you’re on the hunt for an ultra-condensed typeface for your movie poster project, this one will fit the bill. Includes 8 styles from regular weight to bold.

SF Movie Poster FontSF Movie Poster Font

Final Thoughts on the Best Tall Fonts

As you can see, there’s no shortage of great tall fonts on the internet. Use them in larger sizes to create big, bold titles that capture your audience. Choose styles that fit with the theme of your design. When possible, use fonts from a family, so that you can mix and match weights. And, pair your tall typefaces carefully with fonts like a brush-style script or a slab serif.

When used thoughtfully, the best tall fonts can work with just about anything you’re designing. We’re sure that one or two of the choices on this list of the best tall fonts will be perfect for your next eye-catching design project.


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