This Week In Web Design – January 21, 2022

Welcome to another week’s end, and another edition of our roundup of all the web design and development related articles we’ve found published around the interwebs over the past seven days. Here’s to you finding something you can learn and use in your upcoming projects!

The Case Against UX Testing | Webdesigner Depot

Picture a dark office, blinds drawn. Picture a UX designer smoking a cigar. See the light filtered through the smoke whipped to fog by a spinning ceiling fan. Watch as the UX designer sits at a desk and considers the website. The UX designer has devised a series of tests to determine if a green […]

How to Get Started with the MVP Workflow | Webdesigner Depot

Few things are more important to a web designer or developer’s chances of success than having the proper workflow. The term “workflow” applies to the set of standardized steps you or your company uses to create, test, and deploy designs or products. Over the years, as development processes have evolved, so too have the workflows […]

Web-Based Scavenger Hunts: Tips & Ideas

Shake up your everyday home or professional routine with a scavenger hunt. A web-based scavenger hunt can be a fun game for all ages and skill levels and help create interaction and engagement for teams, individuals, or large (virtually connected) groups. But how do you get started? We’v…


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