When to Redesign Your Wellness Brand

As an owner of a wellness company, you know that branding is your company’s most important asset. It’s the thing that helps you get noticed and recognized by people, market your business more successfully, build credibility, and show your customers the importance of your wellness services.

As your business grows and develops, and trends change, you feel it’s time to make a change in your wellness brand in order to meet customers’ needs and deepen the relationship with them.

But what can you do about that?

How most wellness brands do it, redesigning their brand, also known as rebranding. If you’re not sure whether or not it’s time to rebrand, here are some signs to help you with that.

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6 Signs That Tell You When To Redesign Your Wellness Brand

1. When You Don’t Stand Out From Your Competition

It is time redesign your wellness brand when there is nothing to show the importance of your services, when your wellness brand isn’t unique, and on top of that, it actually looks like any other mediocre business from the industry.

2. When You Are Not Sure What Your Brand Is About Anymore

It is time to rebrand when you feel your wellness brand is no longer interesting and attractive to your target audience. When it has nothing valuable left to offer.

3. When Your Business Has Developed And Changed Its Focus

Over the years, your business may have introduced new services, therapy packages, and/or new teaching methods. It simply changed the way it works. So, now, your name doesn’t reflect your brand or vice versa. When this happens, you know it is time to change your brand and give it a new appearance.

4. There Are New Competitors

There are some new wellness brands that have attracted people’s attention because of the latest methods of social media marketing they use, their services, or the attractive packaging and pricing they use. They are seen as more advanced and better than your brand. This is when you must start investing in reinventing your wellness business.

5. Your Visual Brand Is Outdated

The visual asset of your brand, including your website, logo design, business cards, color palette, look outdated. The other wellness brands use the latest trends in visual design and have modern brand designs.

6. Decreased Or Low Client Engagement

Loosing or not getting new clients is pretty serious because they are the reason for the existence and success of your wellness business. If your clientele is decreasing, it means you need to make changes to the way your brand appears to people.

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How To Redesign Your Wellness Brand?

Redesigning your wellness brand isn’t a bad thing. It means that you want to adapt to the clients’ needs and offer them exactly what they need.

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Some well-known wellness companies, such as the Weight Watcher have rebranded recently. They are no longer a weight-loss organization, but a wellness hub known as WW, which means Wellness that Works. They have not only changed their name, but also their entire business model and focus. They are not going to focus merely on shedding pounds but on the overall health and wellbeing.

They will also partner with a meditation app, Headspace, in order to provide their clients with guided meditations in different languages for the purpose of transforming their relationship with good and body.

Another change they’re carrying out is making their brand accessible. If wellness was associated with luxury in the past, now it doesn’t. It’s because now people don’t see wellness as something aspiring but as a necessity. As a result, wellness becomes accessible to the economy class. This can be noticed by the emerging number of new affordable health-food stores and affordable spa chains which suggest that the idea of wellness changes from luxurious to accessible.

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Hints On Redesigning Your Brand

If you are not sure how to redesign your brand, here are some hints.

• Change Your Brand Name

If your name no longer reflects your brand, you should come up with a more suitable one. Names, especially the simple and shorter ones, are easy to remember and get recognized, and can be used to become a buzzword if you have an established brand.

• Change Your Logo Design

When editing your logo design, make sure it still represents your business, your services, and your brand. A quick way to go about this is to use a wellness logo maker for inspiration of design, or if you’re looking for a professional feel then start a logo design contest. Just make sure your wellness logo design looks professional and perfect for your brand.

Wellness Brand Logo 1
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Wellness Brand Logo 2
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• Redesign The Visual Aspect Of Your Brand

Update and edit your website by using the latest wellness web themes and tools, changing the fonts and/or colors palette. Include those call-to-action buttons, blog, videos, booking feature, high-quality SEO-optimized content, and social media connectivity. Make it easy to navigate and mobile-friendly.

• Change The Design Of Your Business Cards

Your business cards usually follow the design of your website, using the logo, the same color palette, and font. When you update your website to match, you should also change the design of your business card to match it.

• Change Or Develop Your Wellness Program Tagline

Your tagline tells the clients what your brand is about. It clarifies what you do and how you do it. It should be written to reflect your vision and mission. Redesign your logo with your new tagline to reflect your current wellness program will tell your audience that your brand is evolving to be a better brand and help you get their attention.

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Redesign To Make Your Brand Accessible

All wellness brands have to be redesigned from time to time to remain interesting and appealing to the audience and help them capture customers’ attention.

Redesigning your wellness brand will prevent losing your clients, will help you attract new clients, and will protect you from becoming boring.

Apart from creating new services and packages at an affordable price, many people are in search of the newness of the service. With a redesigned brand identity design, you will attract new clients, will stand out from the crowd and will always remain relevant in their lives.

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