30+ Yellow Websites With Beautiful Color Palettes

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Yellow is a color that carries a lot of implications and emotional connections. We consider it friendly and warm, but it can also serve as a warning.

No matter the case, as one of the more vibrant colors in the palette, it always draws attention. The attention-grabbing nature of the color yellow plays out when it comes to web design as well. These yellow websites present warm colors and eye-catching designs worth pulling from in your work.

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Showcase of Yellow Websites

These yellow color palette websites offer striking and innovative design inspiration to take with you in your projects. Consider how yellow is used from popular websites to public school websites. Whether a background color or a bold color highlight, yellow definitely can draw the eye. Dive into some of these yellow website design inspirations.

Future London Academy

For Americans, this foreign school website is a striking presence. Combining motion graphics and the triad of black, white, and dominant yellow color, this private school even factors the color yellow into promotional photos.

This bold design choice reflects not only the strength of the site’s visual identity, but it is something carried through to the branding within the school itself.

Yellow Websites - Future London AcademyYellow Websites - Future London Academy

Frankie Ratford

Frankie Ratford’s portfolio site is a brilliant example of brutalist web design that puts the important stuff front and center at large sizes to catch the eye.

Naturally, what pops most, however, is the usage of yellow on the website, whether it is the primary color as you first visit the site or how it becomes an accent color as you scroll down and view Frankie Ratford’s content.

The big blocks of color lead the eye and separate components of the layout, but yellow unifies the whole website, be it as a featured player or as a supporting character.

Frankie RatfordFrankie Ratford


Dotdotdot is not just a website but an experience that unfurls before visitors. With vibrant yellow color, the bright webpage stands out. A rather plainspoken black sans-serif lettering contrasts it.

As one scrolls down the page, simple black lettering highlighting design projects with an image on mouseover previews what Dotdotdot has done. All the while, however, the everpresent yellow background remains, providing a bright frame to the artwork that visitors uncover with the movement of their computer mice.


Wolff Olin

The Wolff Olin website initially greets visitors with vibrant yellow color and stark black text. As you scroll through the various Wolff Olins projects, you’ll see different combinations, colors, and brands.

This calm color palette is an excellent example of the Wolf Olin design sense, putting every brand in the spotlight. However, that initial burst of yellow when you visit the site sets the tone for the entire experience.

Yellow Websites - Wolff OlinsYellow Websites - Wolff Olins


Butter’s bright, canary-yellow background is inviting and frames their friendly, engaging-looking collaboration tool. The personable designs complement the social color choice of the website, and high contrast white and black elements in the design create a visually striking website.



WILD FI’s website opens with an orange-yellow website and animated messages revolving around communication using stark black text. Colored highlights make the website appear as though it is still coming to life as you view it. This design creates an almost spontaneous feeling. Again, the site takes advantage of the combination of yellow, black, and white to significant effect.



Bannerbear’s range of business tools takes advantage of high contrast design. The yellow color envelops darkened squares depicting their API integrations in action with code examples. The standout splash of color here is the trial button; it is a vibrant blue. As you scroll, the yellow practically drips into the dominant white background, as though this website has had a fresh coat of paint applied.



While the core color of Almanac’s website is white, yellow works into the accents of the site, creating an eye-catching menu and highlighting various features and terms the brand wants to push. The big surprise is as you scroll down that the color yellow reasserts itself in the design, becoming a dominant color again. 


Kenn & Kitt

The Kenn & Kitt online pet wellness store uses yellow as a primary color. However, unlike other sites on the list, it is not afraid to splash in colors beyond black and white. For example, the navigation menu is a rich purple, whereas the friendly graphic depicting a glammed-up dog has an illustrated component of many colors set on the yellow background.

This charming, friendly illustration style does a lot to set the warm tone of the website. As you scroll down, other colors come to dominate the site, but what will strike anyone at first glance is that nice yellow.

Yellow Websites - Kenn and KittYellow Websites - Kenn and Kitt


Malu’s UX/UI portfolio site uses yellow in an exciting direction. The yellow draws the eye to the center of the page. The rest is surrounded by white upon first opening the site. The blocky feature content approach is woven through the entire page. Still, the expectation is established early on thanks to a simple yellow box depicting a friendly gesture toward the center of the window.



Lordz dance academy presents a bright yellow background with animated images depicting students dancing across various styles. The video-heavy design is responsive overall and quite eye-catching.

Even better, before the site loads, users are presented with a blank yellow page and a small icon depicting a performance – excellent use of a loading graphic to tease the content to come.



Immi, a brand of instant ramen, presents a fun, engaging website design to highlight their fresh approach to the staple dish. The marketing strategy here, using bold yellow to contrast with the rich, deep colors of the ramen, is a smart move that makes the sales team’s job much more effortless. This is especially true as the website design elements complement the branding of the physical packaging.



Vestre’s website emphasizes seeing their furniture in action and uses yellow highlights to draw the eye toward menus and options in the website’s interface. The start of the website design is their furniture design, but the yellow does a lot to assist in leading the visitor around.

Of course, other colors work their way into the various website blocks, but yellow is the key, bookending the site experience from top to bottom.



Postmark takes the yellow and white pairing of colors to create a stunning aesthetic for their brand. The bold, cartoony graphics depicting their attitude and attention towards delivery pops thanks to the bright color yellow. The coloration and bold, chunky boxes that integrate other colors give the entire website a friendly appearance.



Soverin uses pale versions of generally striking colors to significant effect. Red, green, blue, and yellow are all part of the design that runs across the site, emphasizing the combination of pale creamy yellow and a desaturated red. Combining these warm colors with charming, illustrated graphics goes a long way to pushing Soverin’s brand.

Yellow Websites - SoverinYellow Websites - Soverin

The Robin Collective

This collective of designers uses multiple colors across their site to draw the eye to various website sections. However, the first color visible, yellow, plays out as the background to their funny, clever design sense depicting two members of the collective in cutout-style beach outfits. The whole effect is quite charming and makes for an excellent central element when you first visit the page.

The Robin CollectiveThe Robin Collective


Works Studio’s designs are bold and vibrant, and equally so is the splash of yellow that greets visitors as they visit the website. A window of yellow with the company creed welcomes users to the website of a design firm that demands to be noticed. The design evokes what are now standard website designs, but between the intense yellow color and the intensity of the text that greets visitors, Works Studio stands out in a big way.


Design Season

Utilizing the combination of yellow, white, and black with bold, blocky text and pattern-based animation, Leicester Design Season demands attention. One of the more elegant elements of the design is a buildup. As a user scrolls to different sections, more geometric animations appear and combine to form more complex images, creating a high level of visual interest.

Design SeasonDesign Season

Rù, an innovative beverage company, carries that innovation to their website, which utilizes pastel-like colors to promote their line of Asian beverages. Naturally, yellow is a strong base color across their website and packaging. As far as design innovations go, the opening image of the website explodes out as your scroll, as though it’s a refreshing citrus splash. By all means, this is not the wrong way to make an impact.


Sonder & Tell

Sonder & Tell, a marketing company, utilizes yellow right away to catch visitors’ attention with their company website. This block features animated writing that asks motivating questions. Yellow carries through several website sections, serving as a unifying presence across the website and their newsletter, generating a brand identity through color.

Sonder and TellSonder and Tell

Gucci Burst

Gucci is always expected to be striking and innovative, and Gucci Burst is no exception. This bold, animated, and interactive website presents geometric patterns, shifts, and bends as users make their way through. While utilizing several colors, it is only natural that the first section visitors encounter is bold and yellow.

Gucci BurstGucci Burst

Maggie Stiefvater

The official website of author Maggie Stiefvater positions her as a bold, insightful creator who wants her website to have as much impact as her writing. Naturally, the color yellow is the primary color of the design and contrasts nicely with the featured image and the rest of the website’s content. This design is vibrant and looks excellent on mobile as well.

Maggie StiefvaterMaggie Stiefvater

Cats & Dogs

This weather app, cleverly named, presents users with a sense of playfulness, asking their animal preference. This is illustrated with simple but iconic designs set on a yellow background, but it works pretty well. The interactive elements and animation work well with the yellow colors so that everything has the requisite level of “pop.”

Cats and DogsCats and Dogs


Glyphy’s simple website, a repository of glyphs to be copied, looks bold and exciting thanks to chunky black letters and glyphs set against a sunny yellow backdrop. The site not only proves to be a helpful resource but an attractive and striking one as well.


Make it Rain Records

Make it Rain Records has a bold website using heavy, electric yellow to frame and wrap the content. The website presents visitors with a looping animation depicting their spotlight release and direct links to where tracks can be bought or streamed. It’s a bold, poppy design that lends the label a touch of fun, as content warps into view as users scroll down.

Make it Rain RecordsMake it Rain Records


Lemonpie’s website is functional and clean. The text is easily legible, and the design does not go too out of its way, communicating what it needs to in a pleasing, comfortable design style.

The usage of yellow as a statement color works quite well, especially in its integration throughout the entire website. The design alternates with yellow, black, and white being the featured player in each section, creating a strong sense of consistency.



Fotonaut is another website that takes advantage of the yellow, white, and black triad, standard on the list. However, it uses black to frame the bright white and yellow design. The colors work pretty well across the website, and the bold, blocky style segments the various sections quite well. Also, as soon as you visit the website, the interactive slider does some exciting things with the colors—quite a stunning opening for a website.



Sennep’s striking design takes advantage of a primary yellow palette with black text and one long finger upon the first visit. It only grows more striking from there as the website essentially unfurls sections as you scroll, each dominated by a primary color choice. It’s a refreshing way to present information, and the yellow right at the top suggests something friendly and a little funky.



Helveticons presents its website as an unfurled flyer. A striking yellow flier on a grey background cleverly uses creases to set up the blocks that make up the website structure. The flyer’s high-contrast white and black design elements catch the eye and make for vital graphic elements to convey important information about their 600 icons.


Frans Hals Museum

The Frans Hals Museum in the Netherlands presents classical artwork with a striking, contemporary assemblage of bright colors and bold text. Even the use of grey color in the design complements the colors, which are generally desaturated. Of course, being greeted by a big block of pale yellow with the grey text “Welcome” in big block letters is sure to set an expectation of friendliness, which carries through the entire website.

Frans Hals Museum - Yellow WebsitesFrans Hals Museum - Yellow Websites

Final Thoughts on These Yellow Websites

These yellow websites offer several ways to integrate the iconic color into web design. These websites utilize yellow in great content design, whether as color blocks, lettering color, or the primary color. When considering your design projects, look to these websites and think about how they gather users’ attention.


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