Order is a HIP-HOP club located in Jinan. “A NEW ORDER IS EMERGING” is their brand statement, aiming to create a “new order” of entertainment trends.

Affected by the brand culture, we want to create a’ordered’ space. The facade adopts sunlight panels and built-in CNC light bars, which can achieve various light changes.In this way,the facade look like a floating square box which is wiggling with ordered rhythm.

When entering the room, the first step is to the locker and stairs up to the second floor. The metal grid which is matched with light-transmitting lamp film is on the whole wall,the large-scale orderly arrangement makes it easier to catch people’s attention.We want to make the ordinary traffic space become an striking social area.

Project Location: Ji Nan
Floor Area: 450 square meters
Type of Design: Interior Design for Night club
Design Firm: J.H Architecture Studio
Designer: Xu Yiwen, Yang Rui, Zhou Guangjian
Photographer: Hu kaifan
Stage Design: Keefer
Time of Completion: October, 2021
Company Website: jh-architecture.net
Email: yang.design@foxmail.com
Materials Used: Terrazzo, stainless steels, frosted glass, marbles, mirrors, and LED lights, Soil.


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