20+ Best Sports Fonts (Sports Team Logos, Jerseys, Apparel + More)

20+ Best Sports Fonts (Sports Team Logos, Jerseys, Apparel + More)

When it comes to designing the perfect merchandise for sports teams, finding the right font plays an important role in helping you hit a home run with your designs.

Different sports teams have different identities and brands. So you often have a big responsibility to find a font that represents that team spirit and branding. More importantly, you also have to think of making the designs appealing to team supporters, fans, and different audiences as well.

It may sound like a herculean task, but finding a great sports font is not that hard. All you have to do is explore our collection of the best sports fonts. We handpicked these fonts that are suitable for all kinds of sports team merchandise designs, logo designs, badge designs, and much more.

There are sports fonts for eSports teams as well. Check them all out below.

Houston - Sports Font Family

This font features the perfect look for designing logos and badges for many different types of sports teams. It’s especially suitable for baseball and basketball teams. It has the same style of letters like the ones you know from iconic baseball and basketball team logos. It’s an all-caps font that comes in 3 different styles.

Boston - Baseball Sports font

At first glance, this font will remind you of the badges and logos you usually see on baseball caps and jerseys. The font is made with baseball team designs in mind. You can use it to craft logos, badges, jerseys, baseball caps, and all kinds of merchandise. Not just for baseball teams but for other types of sports teams as well.

Hillary - Sports Font for Football Teams

Hillary is a bold sports font that features a classic letter design. It’s ideal for making merchandise and logos for various types of sports teams, but it’s most suitable for American football teams and brands. You can also choose from regular, outline, italic, and 3D versions of this font to craft amazing sports-themed designs.

Battleground - Display Sport Font

This font comes with big and bold letters that are available in multiple styles of alternate characters. Using the font, you can mix and match different styles of letters to create unique logos for sports teams. The font includes uppercase and lowercase letters as well as numbers, ligatures, and symbols.

Brooklyn Pirates - Baseball Sports Team Font

Brooklyn Pirates is a baseball font that comes with a design inspired by classic sports teams. It features the same curvy letters with lots of swashes to choose from. The stylistic alternate character sets will give you more freedom to create unique designs for your sports team using this font.

The Blendhes - Free Vintage Sports Font

This font looks amazing for designing logos, badges, jerseys, and caps for baseball teams. It’s suitable for many other sports teams and branding designs as well. The font is free to use with your personal projects.

Houston Italic - Free Sports Fonts

With this font, you can design tall and narrow logos for your favorite sports teams. The font is free for personal use so it’s ideal for your personal portfolio designs and experiments.

Boardley Script - Layered Sports Font

The script-style fonts are a popular choice in sports-themed designs. That’s why this font has the best looks for crafting all kinds of sports merchandise designs. It comes with a stylish retro design that will look great for everything from basketball to football, volleyball, and many other sports branding designs.

Devilion Rough - Bold Sports Fonts

Devilion is a bold sports font that features a rough textured design. This font is most suitable for baseball team sports logo designs. The font also includes uppercase and lowercase letters along with alternate characters, symbols, ligatures, and multilingual support.

Helofone - Modern Sport Font

Helofone is an all-caps font that comes with a set of professional and modern letters. This font is perfect for designing logos and badges for sports teams, especially for football and hockey teams. The font includes several alternate characters and numbers as well.

Courage Union - College Sports Font

Just by looking at this font, you can see that it’s the best choice for crafting badges and logos for college sports teams. It has a very neutral letter design that will fit in well with school and college sports events. The font actually comes in multiple formats, including regular, outline, rough, and halftone.

Stronger - eSports Team Font

If you’re working on a cool logo or badge design for an eSports team, this font is a perfect choice for giving your design a professional look. This font features a bold and creative letter design with all-caps characters. The font is ideal for designing merchandise for gaming teams.

Blankeny - Free Basball Sports Team Font

Grab this for free of charge to design stylish baseball team badges and logos. The font has the perfect look for crafting logos for baseball leagues, teams, as well as various other sports branding designs.

Sporten - Free Bold Sports Font

Another bold and creative sports font you can use for free with personal projects. If you’re working on a sports-themed portfolio design to show off your skills, this font is a must-have for your project.

Blagious - Bold Sports Font

This beautiful and bold script font comes with creative swash tails and curvy letters inspired by typography from the 1970s. This makes it a great choice of a font for designing baseball and other sports logos. The font will especially look amazing on jerseys and baseball caps.

FAST TRACK - Racing Sports Team Font

With this font, you can create logos and branding designs for modern sports teams in fast-paced racing. Each letter in this font is designed with special elements to create that sense of speed through your typography. It’s ideal for gaming and eSports teams as well. The font includes uppercase and lowercase letters.

Touchdown - Modern Sports Font

This is a modern sports font that will look best for logos and merchandise related to football teams. The font has a bold letter design that includes a set of matching numeral characters. It’s also available in Web Font versions as well.

Lamberds - Vintage Sports Font

If you’re looking for a classic sports font with a vintage look and feel, this font is perfect for your project. It comes with a script letter design inspired by vintage typography. The font is most suitable for baseball logos, basketball team jerseys, volleyball badges, and much more.

Prodush - Bold eSports Font

Another creative eSports font with a bold letter design. This font is perfect for designing attractive logos for your professional gaming teams. You can easily create cool logos and badges using this font too. It includes sets of uppercase and lowercase characters.

Grames - Free Sports Team Font

This sports font comes with a stylish design that uses modern elements to make each letter stand out. The font is free to use with personal and commercial projects so you can use it to create client designs as well.

Esport Graph - Free Sports Team Font

This free font is designed with eSports and professional gaming teams in mind. You can use it to design portfolio designs and attractive logos for your eSport team branding. It’s free to use with personal projects.

Rodwick - Classic Sport Font

Rodwick is a stylish sports font that comes with a clean-cut look. It uses a design inspired by classic typography to help you create amazing logos and badges for sports teams of all kinds. It includes both uppercase and lowercase letters as well.

Norwill - Bold Sport Font

Norwill is a bold sports font with a very professional design. It’s the type of font you usually see on product labels for Tennis rackets, sports drinks, and beverages. The font has a multipurpose design that works with many different types of designs.

Femilia - Modern Sports Font

This font features a unique letter design that will surely make your sports logos stand out from the crowd. The font is ideal for making sports logos that look different and modern, especially for baseball and football teams.

BALLOCS - Cool Sports Font

Ballocs is another modern sports font that features a cool letter design. It includes both uppercase and lowercase letters with symbols, numbers, and multilingual support. The font is ideal for football, basketball, and many other sports branding designs.

If you’re looking to promote your local sports events, you should think about designing flyers. They are quite effective for promoting local events. Be sure to check out our best sports flyer templates collection to find an appropriate design.

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