30+ Beautiful Fashion Websites from Brands of All Sizes

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A well-designed website can make or break a fashion business. After all, fashion is all about presentation and image — so your website needs to look good. But it’s so much more than just pretty pictures and good looks.

A fashion website will help convey the unique style and aesthetic of your brand and is a great way to showcase your latest collections. It’s also a way to engage with and inspire your audience. 

That said, when it comes to fashion — and fashion websites — one size does not fit all. There are endless possibilities for design, from minimalistic sites that let the clothing take center stage to complex, editorial-style sites that are more immersive in their approach. 

If you’re looking to build your own fashion website, we highly recommend Shopify. It’s the world’s most popular e-commerce platform and there are plenty of beautiful templates you can use to create a professional-looking site in no time. As you’ll see below, many of the best fashion sites are built with Shopify, so you’ll be in good company.

Showcase of Fashion Websites

With so many different ways to showcase fashion online, it can be hard to know where to start. To inspire you, we’ve rounded up some of the very best online fashion sites. We’ll show you what makes them successful so you can incorporate these ideas into your own fashion website design.


Fashion Websites - IndeeFashion Websites - Indee

Indee’s website is built with Shopify.

This must-have brand for teens from Belgium features fun, colorful pieces with a cool, retro vibe. The site is designed with the younger shopper in mind — using emojis, large scrolling text, Instagram-style images, and hashtags that would appeal to their target buyer.

They also feature their Instagram feed at the bottom of their home page and fans can shop the looks directly from social media. 



Albion’s website is built with Shopify.

This swim, fitness, and lifestyle brand puts a focus on what’s new and on-trend with full-screen, high-quality images. Next, they’ve called out their best-selling products with links to each item.

Scroll further, and you’ll find links to each of their biggest four categories, while the entire store can be easily found via the top navigation bar. There’s also an Instagram feed for social media users to shop looks they saw there. You’ll notice all images have a similar feel to give the site a cohesive look that carries over to their retail stores.



Unless you live under a rock, you know Dior. Perhaps that’s why they can get away with having such a minimal website design.

They have a wide range of categories — and they can be accessed via a drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner of the site — but you’re only greeted with two main options on the home page: Fashion & Accessories or Fragrance & Beauty. And then you drill down what you want from there.

The site’s design is exactly what we’ve come to expect from Dior. High style, cutting edge. They create the trends, even when it comes to web design.

Rino & Pelle

Rino & PeeleRino & Peele

Rino & Pelle’s website is built with Shopify.

When you visit Rino & Pelle’s website, you’re immediately greeted by a pop-up to subscribe to their newsletter for a 10% discount. Email marketing techniques work, so use them for your own site! Email newsletters have a click rate much higher than social media, so building your email list is an invaluable tool for sales. Offering an incentive, like a discount or free shipping, is one of the easiest ways to build your list.

They’ve also used full-screen high-def video on the home page to introduce their new arrivals. This gives the site a gorgeous, high-end look, perfectly suited for their brand. But this could easily work for any brand with the right video.



Just like Dior’s website was so “Dior,” you cannot mistake Gucci’s site for any fashion brand other than Gucci. And not just because they have an unmistakable logo that they put all over their bags and shoes, but also because they’ve spent a lifetime developing their brand and it’s consistent in everything they do, from magazine ads to television commercials, to billboards, and the images on their website.

Besides having that Gucci vibe, it has everything else a site needs — easy-to-use navigation, a search bar, contact info, and a way to join their email newsletter. There’s even an option to create an account and save your favorite items so you can have a personalized experience.



Luxury fashion designer Jacquemus’ website is all about high style. You can access the entire store via navigation links at the top of the site or visit one of four product collections that are called out with photography on the home page. Below that, you’ll find a video of a fashion runway showcasing the designer’s latest collection.

Other than the images on the home page and a few exceptions, you’ll notice that clothing and accessories are all photographed flat, not on models. Then, they are organized on the website by color. For example, you’ll find an entire collection where everything — tops, bottoms, hats, scarves, and more — is pink.



A brand like Prada needs no introduction for most people. This Italian luxury fashion house has a surprisingly simple website. Large, professional photography highlights their newest collections, each with a link to shop. Or, you can easily access every product category by using the navigation menu in the top-right corner of the site.

When you view the individual product category pages, you’ll see that each product is photographed on a white background — not on a model. However, photographs of models are sprinkled among the product photos.

Louis Vuitton

Louis VuittonLouis Vuitton

The luxury fashion designer Louis Vuitton may be one of the most recognized names in the fashion industry — that iconic logo is a dead giveaway wherever it appears.

But, the brand didn’t rest on its laurels when it came to the online experience. Scroll down the front page and each collection is represented by either a wide-screen video or a high-resolution image telling a story about their fashion pieces. Visiting this website is an experience in itself.

Petal & Pup

Petal and PupPetal and Pup

Petal & Pup’s website is built with Shopify.

Online fashion retailers Petal & Pup carry clothing and accessories with a very feminine vibe and their website design reflects that. Simple design, with light and airy photographs of models in the clothing.

Hovering over the images will show a different view of the product, which is a nice touch. As you scroll down the page, you’ll find a collection of their new arrivals. Further down the page, you’re met with a feed to shop the looks from the site’s popular Instagram feed.



Incu’s website is built with Shopify.

Incu’s website puts its email marketing strategy in the forefront — the newsletter subscribe popup is the first thing you see as a new visitor to the site.

Incu features fashion and apparel from several independent brands. Their website design is pretty straightforward, with simple navigation at the top of the page, featured collections called out with images and lots of links to shop, and recommended products.

Since they feature many different brands, they’ve also added a scrolling image of some of the brands they sell online and in their store. A popular design feature we’ve seen with many of the sites on our list, they have a feed to shop from their Instagram page, too.

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & GabbanaDolce & Gabbana

You’re first met with full-screen, high-definition images of modern fashion designer Dolce & Gabbana’s latest campaign when you visit their website. Easy navigation in the top-left corner of the page will take you to each of the categories they offer.

Or, scroll down the page to find highlighted products silhouetted on a white background. Beyond that, you’ll find links to shop the Women’s Collection or the Men’s Collection, then the Home (Casa) Collection and the Food & Beverage Collection.

Next, you can book an appointment in one of their retail locations and use their store locator. The site is designed with a simple black and white color scheme with lots of vibrant, colorful photographs.



This shoe and sportswear juggernaut delivers a fabulous online shopping experience to its customer base through simple navigation, high-quality images of each amazing product, quality customer service, and a membership area that delivers exclusive perks and rewards.

You’ll also find a mix of “real people” and celebrities wearing their clothes and shoes — to show that it’s truly a brand for everyone.



TRUE’s website is built with Shopify.

Bribery works. That’s what golf shoe company True is hoping anyway, with their offer of FREE SOCKS that pops up when you visit their page for the first time in exchange for signing up for their email list.

When designing your fashion site, always keep your marketing strategy in your mind. The website has a clean, engaging homepage with a simple color scheme, large headlines, and large, high-quality imagery of their shoes.

A unique feature of this site is that you’re able to view the color options available for each shoe from its preview on the home page, without clicking through to its individual product page. 

Katama Swim

Katama SwimKatama Swim

Katama Swim’s website is built with Shopify.

This men’s preppy outdoor swim brand knows exactly who it is and the website reflects that brand perfectly. Full-screen, high-quality, on-brand photos link you to each category. Or, you can easily navigate to the categories and collections via the links at the top of the home page.

Products are shown flat on a white background. However, if you hover over the image, you can preview the item on a model. You can also view, at a glance, what sizes are available in stock. This site design is very clean and simple, yet quite effective and well done.

Kate Spade

Fashion Websites - Kate SpadeFashion Websites - Kate Spade

Handbag designer, Kate Spade’s website design opens with a fun photo of one of the brand’s latest products with a link to shop all the new arrivals.

Besides easily being able to navigate via the drop down menu in the top-left corner of the site, you can also explore the most popular categories as you scroll down the home page.

While the categories are all different, you’ll notice the photographs are all themed to match one another, giving the site a very cohesive look.

Fear of God

Fear of GodFear of God

Fear of God’s website is built with Shopify.

Fear of God is a luxury streetwear brand. The website is very minimalistic, with a neutral color palette — sage green, tan, gray, black, and white — the same colors of the clothing the brand sells.

The home page links you to the newest collection, The Eternal Collection. And when you click to view the collection, a new page opens that reads like a high-fashion editorial spread. This is a preview of the collection, but they are not shoppable links. The brand’s online shop can be found via the navigation links at the top of the page.



The brand best known for Chanel No. 5 perfume, perfect suits, and “the little black dress” has always been at the forefront of modern fashion, and its website is a reflection of that classic modern style.

You’ll find a simple black and white color palette with vibrant photography on the home page. As you scroll, each main category has its own photography, headline, and a Shop Now button.



Marysia’s website is built with Shopify.

Marysia is a swim and resort-wear brand for women and children inspired by the high-fashion runways. They do a wonderful job of making their photography look consistent across the website.

One unique feature on their site is the Spring Break Packing Guide, which features their swimsuit, of course, along with several other pieces and accessories you can buy on their site or at other partner websites. Similar packing lists exist for all the seasons and holidays and are great for SEO and social media shares!



The home page of the Adidas website is all about focusing on memberships into the brand’s Adiclub, focusing on the exclusive benefits the site offers for members. They even have a scrolling curated showcase of products that are only available to members.

Beyond that, the site is very easy to navigate, with plenty of links to shop in multiple categories. You have the option to change the view from the site’s new arrivals to see what’s trending, which is a nice feature.



It might come as a surprise to see such a minimalist design for a brand that is widely known for audacious and avante garde looks, but the simple white background and black text of Versace’s website keep the focus exactly where it needs to be.

The brand has a massive collection of products, from women’s, children’s, and men’s fashion, jewelry, and accessories to home, bed & bath, kitchen, pets, and even bridal.

All of these categories are easily accessible via the site’s mega menu at the top of the page. Their newest arrivals are showcased as you scroll the home page, with more links to shop those products. 



Lustone’s website is sleek, simple, and sophisticated, much like the leather handbags sold there. Navigation is easy, via the drop-down menu found in the upper-right hand corner. Or, scroll down the page and you will also find links to each category.

An arrow and text on the right side of the page tell you what category is coming up next. A basic gray, white, and black color scheme lets the photography stand out.

Maison Labiche

Fashion Websites - Maison LabicheFashion Websites - Maison Labiche

Maison Labiche’s website is built with Shopify.

This French brand offers personalized clothing for men, women, and kids. The home page features a full-screen video montage of models wearing their new collection — eye-catching and impossible to ignore. You can click to view that new collection or scroll down the page for links to view the rest of the collections.

Of course, there’s an easy navigation bar on the top of the page, too. Product images are all shot flat on a white background but hover over them and you’ll find detailed shots of the personalization and the clothing being worn by models.



This French luxury design house went monochromatic in its website design. Black and white navigation, white background, black text, and most of the photography is grayscale. Even most of the products on the site are black or black and white, with just the occasional pop of red and orange. So, the color story of the website is consistent with the branding.

One feature we like on this website is the ability to chat online with a sales associate. That’s a sign of the brand’s impeccable customer service.

Nasty Gal

Nasty GalNasty Gal

It’s clear from the moment you visit Nasty Gal’s website that they are targeting the shopper who is looking for affordable clothing and accessories. Splashing discount codes on the front page will appeal to shoppers looking for a great deal.

Further down the site, they’ve incentivized shoppers to download their app with another offer for free shipping. Beyond that, the site offers multiple “shop now – pay later” options, yet another feature that appeals to their target buyer. 



Spanish apparel retailer, Zara offers a rather large catalog of products across many categories — women, men, kids, home, and makeup. All of these categories can be easily accessed via the site’s navigation drop-down menu in the top-left-hand corner.

Otherwise, the site automatically takes you through some of the categories through scrolling photos and videos on the home page.



Allbirds’s website is built with Shopify.

Allbirds sells sneakers, activewear, and accessories for men and women. Like most of the sites in this roundup, they feature a simple color scheme of a white background, black text, and full-screen colorful images that showcase their products.

Large headlines in a unique font make this site instantly recognizable from the rest. You’ll also notice they’ve done a great job of making sure their imagery is consistent across the board in tone and quality, giving the site a cohesive look.



Lounge’s website is built with Shopify.

Lounge is an inclusive, body-positive women’s intimates shop, selling underwear, apparel, and swimwear. They feature women of all shapes, sizes, and ethnic backgrounds on their website — no stick-thin models and picture-perfect photo retouching. Their brand messaging is all about feeling sexy in your own skin and they carry that message through with their photography. 



This French-Italian brand sells luxury outerwear & sportswear for men, women & kids. The clothing for their men’s and women’s collections is shown on models. The children’s and baby’s collections, however, are shown flat without any models. An interesting design choice, for sure.

Another unique design choice here, is that they show their products on a black background, when most often products are shown on white. Have a look around the site and see what you think.

Miu Miu

Miu MiuMiu Miu

Miu Miu was created in the early 1990s by Miuccia Prada as a spin-off from the Prada brand. It has since grown into its own leading luxury fashion brand.

The website features photography with that grungy vibe that’s so popular right now among luxury brands. Each photo links you to a different category or collection on the website, from bags to shoes to ready to wear. Of course, you can easily navigate the site via the site’s drop-down menu, too.



PinkBlush’s website is built with Shopify.

PinkBlush is the only maternity fashion site on our list. Their website features classic photography and links to the latest collections that you’d expect from a fashion website.

But, one thing that sets them apart is their emphasis on social media. Knowing that moms and maternity have massive social reach, they were smart to add a feed from their popular Instagram account. Social proof in the form of customer testimonials is some of the best marketing out there! 



Fine jewelry and watchmaker, Cartier has an exquisitely designed website. It’s well organized, with no clutter and breathtaking macro photographs of its stunning products.

Shop the store using the navigation links found across the top of the home page. Or, view what’s coming soon by clicking on the Watches and Wonders link below the navigation. The site also features a helpful instant chat feature.

Final Thoughts on Fashion Websites

Just like the clothes they sell, fashion websites need to find the perfect balance between form and function. They need to be visually appealing but also easy to navigate. 

A well-designed fashion website can be the key to success for your company. The best sites are those that showcase their collections in an interesting and appealing way. They make it easy for visitors to get around the site and find what they’re shopping for — whether it’s a specific product, color, or size. And, they make it easy to get in touch with the company should a visitor have questions or concerns. 

When you design your site, keep these things in mind. But also, remember to inject your own style into the mix and create a website that truly reflects your brand. We hope you’ve been inspired and can take a few ideas from the designs in this roundup to use in your own fashion website design.


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