30 of the Best 1920s Fonts for Your Retro Designs

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Are you looking for the best 1920s fonts for the 2020s? Our list of 1920s-themed fonts will evoke the age of the flapper, the speakeasy, and the carefree era of the early to middle 1920s.

These vintage fonts offer a retro appeal and may also be coming back in style for contemporary designs.

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The Best 1920s Fonts

These are among the best examples of a vintage typeface you can find for evoking that 1920s sense of style. Consider how to use a jazzy typeface in your next poster design project. The decorative letters and embellishments on each of these fonts are true standouts.

With many download options and price points, designers of all skill levels have many great choices with their art deco display projects. Here are the best 1920s fonts on the web in a curated list.

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Greatsby Typeface

Best 1920s Fonts - GreatsbyBest 1920s Fonts - Greatsby

The Greatsby Typeface does a fantastic job emulating the look of a font befitting the cover of The Great Gatsby. The vintage serif display typeface evokes vintage novel covers from all over the 1920s. This display script collection features TrueType, OpenType, and Webfont formats. This is an excellent start for your art deco-style font needs. This font evokes famous fonts of the period.



Delauney has the art deco feel you need for any high class yet raucous approach you want to your design. The tall, narrow all-caps fonts with geometric lines have a strong retro appeal. The wealth practically radiates from this OpenType font. Accented characters also provide some variation, making this a much more flexible font than you may expect.



Bandoeng is a sans-serif font with large embellishments that draws its inspiration from a 1920s Nebiolo book. This font seems to have just what you need for any logo or signage project with a little bit of classic flare. The set features various ligatures, alternate characters, and four weights.

Waverly CF


Waverly CF is a thin, elegant font reflecting the class of the 1920s American city. This vector-based font presents a sans-serif style with the feel and flow of the art deco look. Extruded characters also add some visual interest but do not go entirely beyond the restrained look of the overall typeface.

With seven weights total, this clean art deco font has many uses. The art deco lines are strong with this one.



Ah, DECORÁ. This geometric art deco font is a real attention-grabber. Again, while this font is inspired by the art deco movement of the 1920s, it does its spin on the theme, allowing it to be at once retro and modern.

The main idea here is luxury. This is perfect for any premium branding you may need to achieve, especially with luxury brand logos.



Decolot is a vector-based font that takes a lot of inspiration from art deco and reflects the 1920s in simple, geometric forms. The font has a wide variety of potential uses and may work best with visual styles that utilize gold and silver.

Just think about handing out invitations to your next murder-mystery party with Decolot as the typeface on the greeting card.



Serendior is a decorative and stylish font. Though inspired by the art deco movement, this one is not so much simple geometry and more embellished geometry. The font carries elements of constructivism and futurism with many unique and special character sets that allow you to design with complete freedom.

The core two versions of the font, block, and stroke, contain a combined total of over 400 glyphs.


Trellis TypefaceTrellis Typeface

Trellis is a bold serif typeface. The wedge elements give the font a 1920s aesthetic, but in the right circumstances can also appear modern as some features are timeless. The sharp serifs and thin strokes provide an early-20th-century feel. This would be great for a throwback t-shirt font. Overall, this is a beautiful decor font pack.


1920s Fonts - Botanica1920s Fonts - Botanica

The ultra-thin Botanica font has a tropical style that evokes the throwback lettering of early 20th century Miami or Havana. Botanica is art deco minimalism at its finest, combining thin geometric lines with smooth curves. The versatile typeface even has eight bonus feminine logos thrown in, indicating this font may be the right choice for female-oriented branding and ’20s designs.

Boul Mich

Boul MichBoul Mich

Art deco styles are all over this list as the design trend was at its height in the 1920s, but Boul Mich might be the most direct of the time of all the fonts here. This font is a digital recreation of Oz Cooper’s “Moderne” typeface and hails from 1927.

This font has been adapted from Oswald Bruce Cooper’s original art deco designs and works in OpenType and TrueType formats. Such a typeface is the minimalistic art deco font you have been looking for.



Reuben is a vintage font that hails back to the signage of the Atlantic delis in the early 20th century. Specifically, the font pulls from New York City’s lower east side. This sans serif typeface has a high thick-to-thin contrast that evokes the period and features unique and stylized letterforms. Just look at the reduction of negative space within the “O!”

Warszawa Deco

Warszawa DecoWarszawa Deco

Here is the font for your next dramatic title card for your independent film or print campaign. Warszawa Deco is a font that evokes the art deco and modernism moment of the Interwar period of Polish art. The font is also one of a series inspired by the aesthetics of Poland from 1980 to 1939, so be sure to check out the other fonts for retro design.



With over 297 glyphs in the set, Coellack is a retro and modern font that does not so easily give up its design inspiration, aiming for something timeless. Loaded with stylistic and contextual alternates, designers can tweak this font to our exact needs. Consider it for branding.



Ah, Bellochero from the Winston Type Co. This typeset evokes the transcontinental design themes found across the 1920s. The designers suggest the intention was to create a sleek and semi-modern font that represented vintage glory and sophistication with a touch of modernity. And they did succeed in that regard. Bravo. This is the hook for some attractive designs.

High Life Typeface

Best 1920s Fonts - High Life TypefaceBest 1920s Fonts - High Life Typeface

Boan Design Studios’ High Life Typeface is an art deco-inspired font that evokes the bygone era of gangsters and upper-class parties. These art deco letters feature serif and san serif versions that designers can combine to achieve just the right effect in your future graphic design project.

Winston Typeface

Winston TypefaceWinston Typeface

Winston Serif is a bold, all-caps chunky font that takes inspiration from the labels of old spirits, not unlike those in the hidden speakeasies in 1920s America. As the designer states, Winston Serif is a perfect mix of vintage and modern and can slide comfortably into any designs you are working on.



Are you looking for a lovely font for personal stationery or packaging? Look no further than Seville. Inspired by the signage of the legendary hotel, this serif font features unique elements that resemble emdashes, resulting in a distant visual for letters such as “H” and “E.” If you want to evoke the 1920s without leaning overly hard on the art deco movement, consider Seville.



Parlente is a striking and elegant script font that evokes the 1920s while not succumbing to the apparent urge to embrace the art deco design tropes. The font set comes with many alternates and variations, making Parlente a versatile and flexible font for any project. Try it on a poster or label.

Paris 1920

Paris 1920Paris 1920

Paris 1920 is one of the rare hand-drawn fonts in the mix, evoking hurried cursive letters and block handwriting for a touch of the personal. This vintage poster font has both script, and san-serif typefaces and works whenever you need a signature touch. The font is also international, complete with accented glyphs. Enjoy these retro cursive letters.



Live your most Howard Hughes design impulses with the elegant deco typeface Aviator. As a sans serif font has minimal qualities but is eye-catching enough to anchor any design project. Notice light and heavy stroke widths and the combinations of angles and curves. This is a great typeface to use in intricate typography designs.

Modern Deco

1920s Fonts - Modern Deco1920s Fonts - Modern Deco

Modern Deco takes the art deco letters aesthetic and drags it into the future, embracing the tropes of the font and running with them. The all-caps font features multiple embellishments with sets of three lines making the straight edges of characters, tight curves, and dots for emphasis.

Braga Huis

Braga HuisBraga Huis

Inspired by the famous street in Bandung in the Netherlands, Braga Huis is a typeface with an elegant feel. This font has a very constructed look, not unlike metalwork or stained glass. The set comes with three font styles with uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and alternative options, giving any designer great flexibility.



Goldenbook is one of the rare retro style fonts not pulled from the art deco movement. This font is based on the logotype of the literary magazine The Golden Book Magazine, utilizing Roman letterforms. The font has delicate features, so the designer suggests it works best as a large font, so use it for the next book logo you need to do.



Dremie offers a basic, efficient art deco look with chunky to thin shapes with inset transparency to give the font face a bit extra visual emphasis. The set comes with both opened and filled types. Embrace the jazz age aesthetics with Dremie for your next logo project.


Modeco is a geometric style typeface with retro design elements of the art deco movement. The designer considers Modeco a merger of modern and retro, giving the font a timeless appeal. The font includes nine styles that range from thin to black with matching obliques. Plus, there are over 400 glyphs found in the set. Perfect for poster designs.

Free 1920s Fonts

You can often achieve a lot of fun design work with freeware fonts. While you may not always be able to use them for commercial projects, they are great for experimentation and portfolio building. Find new design styles using these free fonts.

Remember, always double-check the licensing agreement for any of these fonts so that you do not find yourself in legal trouble later on. Free fonts are always a good download option.

Park Lane

Park LanePark Lane

Park Lane is a freeware font designed with the theme of art deco letters. Combining ample curves and alternating thick and thin lines, the font is also quite tall and narrow. This font is free for commercial use but always read the agreement first.

Josefin Sans

Josefin SansJosefin Sans

Josefin Sans is a sans serif font that is tall, thin, and elegant. This font also comes in various styles and reflects several different typefaces of the 1920s. There are about 373 glyphs included. This font is free for commercial use but always read the agreement first.

Josefin Slab

Josefin SlabJosefin Slab

Josefin Slab is the serif-based sister to the previous font and combines many of the same usages and inspirations in mind as Josephin Sans, but with the extra serif embellishments. The font carries a Scandinavian style and would match well with Josephin Sans for specific effects.

AC Mountain

AC MountainAC Mountain

AC Mountain is an art deco font with the classic style you would expect. The license is free, but do your research before using it in a potential commercial project.

Neuer Weltschmerz

Neuer WeltschmerzNeuer Weltschmerz

Neuer Weltschmerz is a font that evokes the signage of 1920s Germany. This retro font has a hand-made approach. The font is accessible as a demo but requires a commercial license for usage in products and branding.

Start Using These 1920s Fonts Today

These are some of the best 1920s fonts around. When it comes to impressive SVG fonts, display scripts, or comic style fonts that evoke the early 20th century, you could do worse than the selection we have assembled for you here.

Enjoy this list of dazzling 1920s fonts, and let us know what you do with them.


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