30+ of the Best Block Letter Fonts

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As any designer knows, fonts are essential for creating eye-catching and effective designs. And when it comes to making a big impact, few fonts pack quite as much punch as block letters.

Are you looking for unique, eye-catching, scroll-stopping block letter fonts to use in your designs? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

In this post, we’ll share some of our favorite fonts that are perfect for creating awesome-looking designs that will catch your audience’s attention. So whether you’re working on a website, a poster, a logo, or anything else — these fonts will definitely help your project stand out from the crowd.

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What is a Block Letter Font?

Block letter fonts are the big, bold fonts you use as the attention-grabbers in your designs. They’re the thick, chunky fonts that are meant to be shown at a large size. For this reason, they don’t usually make good body copy, so don’t use them for your basic paragraph fonts. But they’re perfect for headlines, signs, and big, catchy words and short phrases, like “SALE!” and “CLICK HERE”, so use these fonts where you need large type and short words.

There are always exceptions to the rule, but block letters typically come in all caps, have a uniform thickness, have straight, blocky letterforms, and are usually sans-serif or slab-serif.

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The Best Block Letter Fonts

There’s something about block letters that just looks solid and reliable. Maybe it’s the straight lines and simple shapes, or maybe it’s the fact that they look like they could withstand a nuclear blast. Either way, block letters are perfect for making a statement that’s both eye-catching and easy to read. And luckily, there are plenty of great block letter fonts to choose from.

Whether you’re looking for something simple and striking or big and bold, you’re sure to find the perfect font for your project in this roundup of the best block letter fonts. So scroll down, have a browse, and then download your new favorite font!

Dantalion Pro

Dantalion ProDantalion Pro

Dantalian Pro is a sans-serif font with modern, clean lines and mid-weight thickness. It’s perfectly suited for creating headlines on movie posters, banners, websites, advertisements, presentations, social media graphics, and more. Because of its simplicity, it would pair very well with a more decorative artistic font for subheadings.

Includes all-caps letters, limited punctuation, and web fonts.

Obadiah Pro

Obadiah ProObadiah Pro

Obadiah Pro is a modern sans-serif that comes in 9 font weights from thin to heavy. This is one of the few block letter typefaces on our list that is suitable for both body copy and headlines, depending on which weight you use. It also includes a full set of upper and lowercase letters. Obadiah is extremely legible but has some interesting curves, making it an excellent choice for logo designs.

Includes 9 weights, upper and lowercase characters, numbers, punctuation, alternates, ligatures, multilanguage support, and web fonts.



This sans-serif is your classic block style — big, bold, all-caps font. Perfect for creating eye-catching headlines, film posters, or using anywhere you need a prominent typeface in your graphic design that really draws the viewer’s attention. Porcine is very easy to read, making it a solid choice for a wide variety of projects.

Download this one and you’ll find yourself using it over and over again. This font includes all caps letters and web fonts.

Porcine Bosk

Best Block Letter Fonts - Porcine BoskBest Block Letter Fonts - Porcine Bosk

If you’re looking for a block letter that’s boxy but out of the box, consider Porcine Bosk. This modern sans serif has a wooden texture finish to give your design a bit of visual interest while remaining quite legible and striking.

The great thing about downloading this font is that you can use it for virtually any commercial or personal project. You’ll get the OTF, TTF, and web fonts with your download.



Grind is a rough and tumble display typeface characterized by thick block letters with a damaged texture. This font would be a perfect choice for poster art, video game or sports design projects, headline copy for editorials, logo design, and jersey numbers. Use it anywhere you want to emote strength and toughness.

The download includes all caps letters and comes with web fonts.


Block Letter Fonts - LeophardBlock Letter Fonts - Leophard

Leophard is a super sporty, modern vintage slab serif font family that includes six different fonts from regular to shadow, to outline, to stencil. They’ve got that classic vintage sports look. In fact, the numbers are perfect for sports jersey numbers while the regular, outline, and bold style letters are recommended for headlines, logos, posters, jerseys, signs, and labels. If you want the vintage vibe, go for the shadow version of the font.

The download includes all 6 styles, with upper and lowercase characters, numbers, punctuation, alternate characters, and accented characters.

Vancouver Gothic Typeface

Vancouver Gothic TypefaceVancouver Gothic Typeface

Here’s another clean, minimalist sans-serif to add to your shortlist of fonts for titles. Vancouver Gothic is a solid choice for everything from posters to banners to editorial layouts. Because it’s such a simple sans serif block font, you could easily pair this one with a beautiful cursive font or stylish art deco font to really make your message stand out.

The font pack includes uppercase letters and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, OTF, TTF, and web fonts.

Robusto Pro

Best Block Letter Fonts - Robusto ProBest Block Letter Fonts - Robusto Pro

Robusto Pro is a tall sans-serif that comes in 3 weights. It’s got a fresh, contemporary vibe, with uniform thickness, condensed letters, and unexpected angles & special touches on a few of the letters. Use this one for movie posters, advertisements, promotional flyers, website headers, and presentations. It’s versatile enough that it can be combined with a fun script font to loosen it up or paired with a modern serif for a professional, corporate look.

You’ll get all 3 weights, OTF, TTF, and web fonts with your download.



If you know you want bold letters but aren’t sure exactly what yet, Blockers might be the one for you! You’ll get a family of 5 different styles of handmade block letter fonts. Regular is your basic, big and bold, easy-to-read, straight lines, all-caps block font. Rough takes the Regular version and beats it up a little bit. Inky is the Regular version but with smooth, softer lines as if it were drawn with an old ink pen. Edge is like Inky but with a somewhat scalloped edge. And Stamp is like a combination of Rough and Edge. These are all great for when you have vintage branding in mind, like vintage posters, signs, liquor bottle labels, and automotive designs.


Garavito is a modern, minimalist, sans serif block letter font. This one really stands out in the sea of blocky block letters due to its rounded appearance and unexpected curvatures. It’s a great choice for everything from package designs to website headers to social media graphics.

This download includes open-type, true type fonts, and web fonts.



This modern sans serif-based font comes in two styles — Clean and Rust. Whether you’re looking for an industrial futuristic vibe or a refined vintage aesthetic, this font is versatile enough to handle it. It looks equally good on a sci-fi movie poster as it does on an art poster.

The download comes with all uppercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and multilingual letters.

Due Credit

Filmmakers, Directors, Producers, and anyone designing for the movies — this one is for you! Film poster designers use the term “credit block” for the area of text that lists the credits for the film. This compressed sans serif was designed to recreate that classic movie poster vibe, while still being legible.

It comes in two versions with 4 weights, all caps characters, tons of extra glyphs for cast and crew titles, and a bonus horror genre style font with creepy style bock letters.



If you’re looking for a condensed sans-serif block font with tons of attitude, stop scrolling, because here it is. This font comes in three versions — Regular, which is clean. Rough, which has the time-worn appearance of a poster that’s been hanging outside in the weather for too long, and Stamp, which has an interesting and rugged stamped texture. This is a truly unique block font perfect for activism posters, apparel design, band flyers and websites, event posters, album covers, packaging design, branding, and so much more.

Your download comes with the 3 fonts, upper- and lowercase characters, numbers, punctuation, and multilingual support.

Devant Pro

Devant ProDevant Pro

This modern, condensed sans-serif is one of the more straightforward fonts on our list. It’s a versatile, solid choice for any project you’re working on. If it’s a modern design, simply pair it with a trendy color combination and a modern geometric font. Or, if you’re working on a futuristic design, try using it with a glitch effect and pairing it with a futuristic font. The options are endless!

This download includes 9 font weights with the italic version of each. You’ll get the OTF, TTF, and Web Fonts.

Devant Horgen

Devant HorgenDevant Horgen

Here’s another straightforward block headline or sub-header font. As any good designer knows, a bold, attention-grabbing header is an important element of design. It’s important that the font you use for that header matches the style of your project. Devant Horgen is a casual business style. It’s a great choice for corporate identity, presentations, and article headlines. And since it’s a condensed font, it’s good for those situations when you have tight spacing. It would pair well with a serif font like Times New Roman.

Comes with 2 font styles, all the upper and lowercase characters, language support, OTF, TTF, and Web Fonts.



This font really lends itself well to action and sports-themed designs, movie posters, logo designs, websites, brochures, packaging, advertisements, social media graphics, motion graphics, YouTube cover art, album covers, and more. One of the coolest features of this typeface is its many ligatures, giving it a truly custom look. You don’t see that very often with block font styles.

With this download, you’ll get four fonts, all caps letters with the ligatures, OTF, TTF, and web fonts.

Old Jersey

Best Block Letter Fonts - Old JerseyBest Block Letter Fonts - Old Jersey

Old Jersey looks exactly like what the name implies — a vintage-style college block font, just like what you’d see on an old jersey. These athletic block fonts are not only great for apparel, however. They make great headlines, logos, signs, quotes, home decor, and more. And they conjure up warm and fuzzy feelings of tradition and ‘the good ol’ days.’ There aren’t many fonts that can do that. So use a sports font whenever you get the chance.

This one comes in a clean and distressed version. Open-type, true type fonts, and web fonts included. 

Soft Block Pro

Soft Block ProSoft Block Pro

Soft Block Pro is another straightforward, college-style font. It is a re-creation of a font from a vintage athletic poster. Simple, no-nonsense, traditional, and to-the-point. It evokes the feelings of days gone by with that old-school aesthetic.

This one comes in three weight classes — all bold enough to be effective headlines, even the slimmer version.



Where the last couple of sports-themed block letters we listed had that retro vibe, Scout is fresh, sharp, clean, and cutting edge. Yes, it still has the same athletic styling but there’s no vintage aesthetic this time. Scout has razor-sharp points, it’s not worn with age.

The font is fully-kerned and ready to go. Perfect for sports logos, posters, websites, apparel, magazine headlines, social media graphics, labels, and more. Web font included.



Greger is one of the more unique block letter fonts on our roundup. Use this one when you really want to make a statement. It needs to be rather large in order to be legible, so save it for things like logos, single-word headlines, typography designs, movie posters, album covers, and monograms. It’s a good choice for designs that call for a futuristic vibe.

Your download will include OTF, TTF, and web fonts.



Here’s a modern, sleek, mid-weight display font for your consideration. This one is a solid choice for your graphic designs that call for condensed, bold letters with short ascenders and descenders. This font also has a very attractive set of numbers.

You’ll get the open type, true type, and web fonts with your download.



Wolfskin is a silly name for a seriously versatile font. Called an “urban block font” it’s suited perfectly for video games, YouTube cover images, social media, album art, package design, editorial layouts, and any other designs that call for big, bold, block letter fonts with an edge. It’s highly legible, but has a slight hand-drawn aesthetic, with a mildly bouncy baseline and just barely-there wavy lines that form the letters.

Includes basic Latin glyphs with OTF, TTF, and Web Fonts.



Inspired by 1950s poster art, Jurka is a perfect choice for your vintage designs. Retro-inspired movie posters, themed party invitations and flyers, website headers, logo designs, quotes, package designs, and other projects will shine with the nostalgic aesthetic you’re going for.

This font comes in two styles — Regular and Rough, with all-caps letters, numbers, and punctuation. 

Hawker Serif

Block Letter Fonts - Hawker SerifBlock Letter Fonts - Hawker Serif

Here’s another one of the few fonts on our list that can be used for both body text and headline copy because it comes with so many different weights. Use the thinner weights for paragraphs and stick to the heavier bolds for headlines. Hawker has the look of old-school typewriter font. (How many of us are old enough to have actually used a typewriter, anyway?)

Your download will include OTF, TTF, and web fonts.


Blockhead is an attention-getting slab serif with a powerful, industrial feel while still remaining friendly and approachable. It comes in three weights, over 250 glyphs, and multilingual support. It’s a great choice for commercial, business, and industrial-themed designs, logos, posters, and more. The unique letterforms make it a good choice for monograms, too.

You’ll get all 3 weights with OTF fonts and Web Fonts for each.

Free Block Letter Fonts

A roundup of the best block fonts wouldn’t be complete without including some free fonts, too. Just remember, when you download free fonts, many of them are only free for personal use. So if you’re using these for a commercial project, be sure to check the license to make sure you’re using the fonts properly. Here are some of the best free block letter fonts available on the web.



This retrofuturistic display font would be. a great choice for either an ’80s throwback design or a space-age future project. How will you use it?

Blockletter Font


Obviously inspired by the now-mostly-defunct video rental store (there’s one left in Bend, Oregon), this font is great for sports, entertainment, and military-themed designs.

Repulica Minor

Republica MinorRepublica Minor

A strong and sturdy sans-serif, Republica Minor has interesting rounded corners that give it a bit more personality than your average sans. 



This one will most definitely get their attention! Notice the unique little chips out of the arms of the capital letters?



Orbitron is a retrofuturistic, geometric sans-serif. It comes in four different weights. Use the black version for a killer headline or movie poster font.

Russo One

Russo OneRusso One

Designed specifically for headlines and logos, Russo One has a unique appeal with a little bit of a geometric aesthetic.

Final Thoughts on Block Letter Fonts

Block letter fonts are an essential tool for any graphic designer. They’re necessary for grabbing attention and making a statement. And, luckily, there are plenty of great block letter fonts to choose from. So many to choose from, in fact, that it can be difficult to decide which one to use!

We’re here to make that process easier for you. In this post, we shared some of our favorite fonts that are perfect for creating eye-catching headlines, scroll-stopping designs, and attention-grabbing creations. Now all you have to do is choose your favorite one, and use it in your next project! 


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