25 Outstanding Websites With Video Backgrounds

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If you’re thinking about incorporating video backgrounds into your web design, then you’re in good company. More and more designs are using this dynamic visual element to add depth and dimension to their websites. And when done well, websites with video backgrounds can stand out from the competition.

There are many benefits to using video backgrounds. Videos can add a level of depth and realism that static images simply cannot match. They can also be used to create a move dynamic and engaging user experience. When used correctly, video backgrounds can really take your website to the next level.

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Websites with Background Videos

Of course, adding video backgrounds is not without its challenges. They can often increase page load times, and they’re not always compatible with mobile devices. But if you’re willing to take on these challenges, then the rewards can be great.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of 25 outstanding examples of video backgrounds in web design. These sites come from a variety of industries, and they all use video backgrounds in different ways. So whether you’re looking for something sleek and minimal or something more playful and fun, you’re sure to find some inspiration here.

Well, what are you waiting for? Start exploring these successful sites!

St. John’s University

Websites with Video Backgrounds - St. John'sWebsites with Video Backgrounds - St. John's

St. John’s University is a Catholic institution based out of New York City. The looping video shown on their home page contains video footage of student life, both in class and out. In this case, video is used for more than just a website design feature, but to give potential students a look into the school experience. (See more school websites for inspiration.)

Pollen London

Pollen LondonPollen London

Pollen London is a digital branding agency. Their home page is almost strictly full-screen videos and not much else. The infinite loop takes the viewer through the agency’s various design projects, from print design to branding, to websites for fashion, retail, and music-industry clients.



Cage is a media collaboration tool for designers and agencies. The website uses a full-screen background video loop, but much more subtly than the previous examples. Here you get a sense of the people and product in action, but the text on the website is the more important element here.

Playa Grande Golf & Ocean Club

Playa GrandePlaya Grande

The Playa Grande Golf & Ocean Club, located on the northeastern coast of the Dominican Republic, uses gorgeous, high-quality video to showcase the idyllic location and the club’s impressive amenities and activities. In this case, background video is an important part of this site’s branding experience. 



Adrenalin is another creative design agency. We love to look at agency website design to see what’s trending and relevant in design. This site uses looping videos that showcase projects they’ve completed for clients. When there is no video, as an alternative to video backgrounds, they’ll insert a large image and zoom in to make it animated.

Lifted Logic

Lifted LogicLifted Logic

Lifted Logic, a web design company out of Kansas City, uses auto-playing video backgrounds on their site paired with simple overlay text. The video is a loop of the team hard at work, doing what they do. This gives the site’s visitors a feeling of getting to know who they’ll be working with. It’s a simple, effective, and no-frills design.

The Ramp

The RampThe Ramp

The Ramp School of Ministry website uses background video where most sites would use a header image, and they do it quite successfully. They have chosen strong, colorful, emotional imagery that demonstrates their mission and the wide variety of ways they carry out that mission. (See more non-profit websites for inspiration.)

Rino & Pelle

Rino & PelleRino & Pelle

When you visit the Rino & Pelle website, you’re immediately met with a stunning, high-def, clean, full-screen video showcasing the designer’s newest collection. On this site, the video element is the main event, while navigation and shopping links take a backseat. This is a solid design choice for clothing sites that often release new collections. (See more fashion websites for inspiration.)

Union Room

Union RoomUnion Room

Union Room is a digital agency that builds websites, UX, and digital marketing strategies. The video background on their home page is second-stage to the text that explains what they do. In this instance, the attractive video background is used as a design feature that’s there to set the mood.



Orca sells a wide variety of wetsuits. The site features full-screen relevant images for each style, with some of them using auto-play videos. Watch the scrolling categories long enough and you’ll see a super-cool video of someone freediving.

Native Land

Native LandNative Land

Property developer and co-investor, Native Land creates high-quality mixed-use and co-working space buildings in London. They’ve chosen to use an artistic looping video background that sets the vibe of what they’re building. It combines abstract video pieces with videos of people engaged to create a visual experience.

Gypsum Hills Ranch

Gypsum Hills Video BackgroundGypsum Hills Video Background

This local, grass-fed cattle farm website uses gorgeous, high-quality video where you would normally expect to see just a header image. In this case, it’s extremely successful at getting your attention. The video loop is part of a more in-depth video about the farm, that’s available to watch via a link right up front. 

Hi, Skin

Hi, SkinHi, Skin

Video size matters! At least, in this case, it does. Hi, Skin’s website features stunning, full-width videos of their products in use. And with the text and logos as close to the edge as possible, the large, browser-sized videos are the main event.

Future Goals

Future GoalsFuture Goals

Future Goals is a Caribbean-wide program that sources plastic waste and fishing nets from the ocean to create colorful football (soccer) goals for children. The video background on the homepage demonstrates the journey of trash from the ocean eventually becoming a fun game of football with kids. While it’s a background video, it does a great job of setting the scene for the mission of the group.

Zebra Idea Lab

Websites with Video Backgrounds - Zebra Idea LabWebsites with Video Backgrounds - Zebra Idea Lab

Zebra Idea Lab is another creative agency that makes use of video content to show what they can do and what they’ve done. The looping video header on the home page is a simple stock video to support their headline copy, but they also feature a unique collage of video clips of their past work when you scroll further down the page.

Denver Seminary

Denver SeminaryDenver Seminary

The Denver Seminary’s background video is unique in that you have to press the play button to watch it — this is the rare video that isn’t set to autoplay. Visitors with slow internet loading time will appreciate the option to toggle the video on and off, but others may never notice a video exists at all. 



INOVATIV designs and sells mobile workstations for everything from scientific equipment to Hollywood studio cameras. The background video on their home page shows a variety of their products in the field, and in use — effectively adding a level of excitement to a web store for rolling carts that wouldn’t be there otherwise.


Sound StageSound Stage

Sound/Stage is a free concert series by the digital media arm of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association. The site is all about bringing music to the digital screen, created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The fullscreen video background is a collage of clips from the series. It shows high-quality, rich-colored, videos of various artists performing on stage while socially distanced.

Holland Green

Holland Green Video BackgroundHolland Green Video Background

Holland Green is a studio of architects, interior designers, and landscape designers. The full-color, fullscreen video background on their website loops through a variety of the distinctive, beautiful homes and landscapes they’ve designed. If you don’t have the budget for video, a similar look could be achieved in this niche with zoom animation on photographs.

Storyland Studios

Storyland StudiosStoryland Studios

Storyland Studios is a design and production firm that creates immersive experiences. If there’s any confusion as to what that means, the video background on their website will completely clear it up! It shows off a wide variety of fun and interesting projects the company has completed. This video is really effective at giving the impression this studio can handle whatever project you’ve got.



Bertani wines’ website makes use of gorgeous, high-quality videos of the wine-making process, the rows of vines, bare hands, the grapes, and the cellars — all to support their message of proud tradition and history, identity, and authenticity. This website is designed with high style and is quite effective at setting the mood. It wouldn’t be nearly as effective without the background video.

Photobooth Supply Co.

Photo Booth SupplyPhoto Booth Supply

Photobooth Supply Co. provides photo booths as a fun, turnkey business opportunity for entrepreneurs. The video playing full-screen on the home page of the website serves as a demo of the photo booth, showing both how it works and a mix of happy users. This background video does a great job of taking the initial “what is it?” out of the equation.

Lucid Motors

Lucid MotorsLucid Motors

Lucid Motors is a designer of luxury electric cars. When you visit the website, you’re met with a full-color, full-screen video loop of the newest vehicle, Lucid Air, doing what it’s meant to do — being driven. The rest of the site’s design takes backstage to the video. If you like what you see, scroll down to learn more about the vehicle and reserve one for yourself.



Web developers, 10up have a background video that combines clips of people using websites with clips of people working, along with multiple shots of websites they’ve worked on. One welcome feature here is that they’ve added the ability to pause and resume playing the video in the background.



Transport and logistics company, Lodisna has managed to make artistic, beautiful, and engaging background video footage for shipping. The low contrast, slightly blurred, and abstract vibe combined with the red geometric accents are a really nice touch.

Find Inexpensive Stock Videos for Your Designs 

If you’re looking to use a video background for your own website or in the design of a client’s website, of course, you’ll need quality video footage. While you can use custom video if you have it, stock footage is the easier, faster, and cheaper solution. We recommend Envato Elements, where you can download an unlimited number of professional stock videos with commercial-use licenses.

Final Thoughts on Websites With Video Backgrounds

If you came here looking for some inspiration, be sure to check out all the websites with background videos on this list. They all use videos in different and creative ways, and they’re sure to leave you with some ideas of your own. We can’t wait to see what amazing things you create using video backgrounds!


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