» TU Qiantan Pop-Up

TU is the first pop-up project of Tens Atelier, initially the client hopes that we can use the shortest design period, the fastest construction cycle and the lowest budget.

Since the shop is temporary, we try our best to use original and ready-made materials and simple structures to achieve the maximum effect. Considering that the new floor and ceiling will take a long construction cycle, so we have retained the original ceiling and floor. In terms of space division, “fabric” the most common material of clothing, is selected to shape the whole space.

Project Name: TU, Qiantan Pop-up store

Location: Shanghai, China

Area: 81sqm

Spatial Design: Tens Atelier

Design Lead:Tanen

Design Team:Thomas, Yui

Completion Time: Feb 2022


Materials: fabric, yoga brick, glass, stainless steel, latex paint


For more information, contact: tensatelier@foxmail.com


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