Craighton Berman Launches “Crowdfunding for Designers” ‘Zine

Industrial designer Craighton Berman has had 15 projects successfully Kickstarted, and even taught a university course on crowdfunding. Now he’s distilled that knowledge into Crowdfunding for Designers, a ‘zine “about designing and independently launching small-batch products, with a focus on using crowdfunding.”

The 24-page Risograph-printed ‘zine contains tons of practical and hard-won advice, with tips on vetting your ideas, finding your target community, managing your production process, ensuring the finances make sense and more.

Berman’s been bringing successful Kickstarters home for more than 10 years. Crowdfunding for Designers runs just $10, so you’re paying less than a dollar per year of his experience. Order your copy today!

Also, Mr. Berman was the guest for one of our Crash Course Webinars, where he gave a great presentation of a lot of the information shared in his zine. Check the post where you can watch the video and get a write up of his talk.


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